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Wills and Estates

If you've recently suffered the loss of a friend or loved one and have been named as executor, executrix, or administrator of their estate...then you are involved in a process known as "Probate".  This is the legal process in which a WILL from a deceased person is filed in the courts and an estate is opened.  Being named as an Executor, Executrix, or administrator means you are essentially the decision maker for the entire process. 


In many cases, these estates have a piece of real estate attached to them that needs to be "liquidated" or "sold" to satisfy the estate.

This adds another layer of responsibility for the person in charge which can be emotional, stressful,  and, unfortunately, lead to  other family issues.

This is where having an experienced team of real estate professionals is most beneficial for folks like yourself.  We have the knowledge and experience to handle the transaction for you start to finish so you can focus on other things.

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